for further questions and concerns, or if you're just feeling chatty, you can contact me on instagram at @pieceinmind

monday through sunday, please be patient.


thank you for your purchase. all feedback is appreciated, good or bad. my credibility is built off of word of mouth. so by taking a few seconds of your time, it would greatly be appreciated.


if you purchased this item on an online marketplace (Grailed, Depop, Poshmark, etc.) please follow their directions of feedback.


if you would like a quicker alternative and are an active part of the instagram community; click here to be directed to a post.


no refunds. i do not accept refunds unless a special scenario allows for one. but it's just me, a one man operation. so if you for any reason might want a refund, shoot me a message on instagram, and maybe we can work something out. maybe.


no exchanges. this one should be pretty self explanatory.

received your package? still confused? follow this guide below.

Step 1

using your dominant hand, set down this paper and proceed to unpackage the garment that lies in your presence. it has traveled far and wide to see you today, and it would like some time out of the box.

Step 2

behold, you've done it! a new addition to the clad collection. take a moment to reminisce and show your gratitude for this privilege that you have been granted in the world of fashion.

Step 3

done already? that was quick. maybe you should go back and ponder some more. I want you so in tune with your thoughts, that you achieve a sense of ethereal tranquility.

Step 4

looks like you made it to the finish line. congrats. I hope that this piece of mine serves you well, as well as serving you peace of mind.

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