"a piece of mine, comes with peace of mind."

diamond hand. midas touch, soon.


received your package and not sure what to do? worry not, follow this guide below.

Step 1

using your dominant hand, set down this paper and proceed to unpackage the garment that lies in your presence. it has traveled far and wide to see you today, and it would like some time out of the box.

Step 2

behold, you've done it! a new addition to the clad collection. take a moment to reminisce and show your gratitude for this privilege that you have been granted in the world of fashion.

Step 3

done already? that was quick. maybe you should go back and ponder some more. I want you so in tune with your thoughts, that you achieve a sense of ethereal tranquility.

Step 4

looks like you made it to the finish line. congrats. I hope that this piece of mine serves you well, as well as serving you peace of mind.



piece in mind.® offers one unique aspect of sales, that is often over looked by most. this aspect is; peace of mind. we strive to not only spread knowledge through a clad collective, but also to shed light on new perspectives of clothing. whether it a pair of slacks, or diamond earrings, there is no doubt that they carry a story that meets more than the eye.



piece in mind.® has been a familiar face in the designer clothing community since late 2017. from bland Supreme/Hanes briefs that could be found on the average joe, to more avant garde garments imported from italy; our style and inventory is always evolving to match the speed of the current trends.



piece in mind.® is not like many of its peers. we are not a 'we'. piece in mind.® is not a gathering, but rather a sight into the closet of one man, and one man only. even though 'we' are a singular entity, it has made it easier to connect with customers and gain an understanding of their specific style on a more personal level.